Please read below for answers to common questions.

If you still have questions, please email us at Hello@deusmodern.com.

Q. How long until my order will ship?
A. Custom items ship within 4 weeks of the order date. Other items ship quicker so some items, such as the post, may ship much earlier.

Q. Does the post ship separately from the mailbox?
A. Yes, both items are rather large and will ship in separate boxes. Due to the size and weight of the items please be thoughtful in shipping location and handling of the large and heavy packages.

Q. How well does the wood and the finish hold up to harsh weather?
A. All the wood species used are naturally resistant to rot and decay. We offer Mailbox Care Kits to take the hassle out of upkeep. Check out our accessories page to learn more about our Wood, Powder Coat & Stainless Steel Kits. 

Q. What are the dimensions of the item?
A. Each item description contains specifics on the size, weight, and other details.

Q. Is a post included with the mailbox?
A. The post is sold as a separate item in our shop.

Q. Is any assembly required?
A. Individual items are fully assembled. If a post is ordered with a mailbox, the mailbox will be pre-drilled for easy attachment to the post.

Q. How do I install the items I purchased?
A. Install is pretty simple. You can find specific instructions for your item at this link.

Q. What do I do if my item is damaged or defective?
A. We have very strict quality control to deliver quality products. Unfortunately, sometimes things happen. Please send an email to hello@deusmodern.com so we can help resolve the issue.

Q. What options are there for custom orders?
A. We are happy to hear possible options to further customize your order or for other unique custom fabrications. Please send an email to  hello@deusmodern.com 

Q. Can you ship internationally?
A. Our standard shipping rate only covers shipping to US territories. If you wish to deliver to another location please email us at hello@deusmodern.com 

Q. Can you customize the numbers or use letter or a logo?
A. Most any font or logo can be used. There may be a small fee associated with converting files. Please send these requests to hello@deusmodern.com 

Q. Can the mailbox be mounted to my existing post?
A. The bottom of the mailbox provides a wood surface that can be drilled easily to adapt to existing posts. Some installation may require a universal mounting bracket that can usually be found at the local hardware store.

Q. Does the mailbox finish match the post finish?
A. We use the same color palette for all our finishes so all items of the same color will match perfectly.

Q. Is there any chance the mailbox will rust?
A. The outside shell and all hardware are high-grade non-corrosive metal and will not rust, even in northern or coastal applications.

Q. Do you have a secure locking option?
A. Yes, please visit the store where we have a Locking Waldo XL available.

Q. Why do only the Waldo XL and Henry come in locking versions?
A. USPS requires a minimum size opening that is only possible on these options.

Q. 4 weeks is a long time, do you offer RUSH orders?
A. We are committed to delivering the product as quickly as possible. We hand build the custom items to order and use all of this time to ensure the highest quality. Posts often ship very quickly so if mail delivery is needed sooner we often suggest obtaining a temporary mailbox to install on the new post until your new mailbox arrives.

Q. Is there a way to be notified when you release new products or post news about Deus Modern?
A. Yes, we provide an sign-up to be notified of new products or news about Deus Modern. Pleas sign up below or when you check out.